Friday, September 13, 2013


Remy is now 2 months old - weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs. and measuring 22.75" long. 

Everything has changed since I have become a mother, mostly in coming to understand that love has an infinite ability to grow.  

We are born with the capacity to love and to be loved. We first learn love from our parents. That love soon expands to other relationships: siblings, grandparents, extended family, friends, pets. Fast forward to the day that you commit to sharing your life with your best friend ... and even more forward to the moment you open your minds and arms to a child.  I now think about the potential for Remy to be joined by a brother or sister. And cousins. For the day that she might come home and tell us that she's going to marry her best friend. She may one day have a baby and then we will become grandparents, passing down the lessons we are learning from our parents (which they learned from their parents). And so on ... and so it beautifully goes. 

Remy has changed me in physical ways too. My legs, covered in bruises the size of Remy's feet. Little markings of her bouncing up and down on my lap all day long. Though tiny, she is strong in both muscle and will.

My shoulders, hunched more on the left than the right. A symbol of the nook I have created for Remy's head between my chin & collarbone. I have cried very peaceful tears a few times in this snuggled-up moment, so very relaxed in the comfort of our embrace. 

My mind, a magnet that radiates invisible electricity between us. I often wake only to hear her first noises of the day a few minutes later, a combination of mother's intuition and excitement to see my daughter's first enormous, gummy grin of the day. 

My heart, so full of strength and of pride.  When I first became pregnant and started writing this blog, I captured my hope that at each doctor's appointment, we would hear Remy's heart beat proudly & strongly; a declaration of her fearless intent to join us in this world.  Now, it's my heart that beats proudly & strongly with every repetitious coo. With every push up she does on the floor. With every giggle so carefree and surprising that it makes you realize just how big love really is. 

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  1. Kristie...this is a real gift, thank you for sharing it all xo Deb V