Sunday, February 24, 2013


Mover … shaker … happy-mama-and-papa-maker. That’s what Baby P was at last week’s 20 week ultrasound (Feb 19th)!  

Our guy/gal (we still plan  to be surprised about the sex) was a fidgety little show-off for the camera.   Whenever we tried to get a good look at *his* face, he would start shifting around or cover his eyes with his hands. One time he stuck his tongue out at us and another time he waved. It was almost as if we woke up the baby during naptime and that was his way of saying “please mom & dad … just five more minutes!!!”   Aside from learning that our baby is a goofy little wiggle-worm, we were given TONS of information on Baby P’s picture-perfect health.  He has 4 heart chambers, 2 kidneys, 2 arms, 2 legs (which are VERY long), and big round belly.  His heart drummed proudly & strongly at 158 beats/minutes and his feet are 1.25” long … I can’t stop thinking about those feet!  

Below are some ultrasound videos:

Seeing our baby jiggle around was magical, as if every move was purposefully choreographed to showcase that our baby is feeling the same way we are: ecstatic to only be 20 weeks away from embracing one another. The experience caused one giant tear to fall from my left eye – it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

The past two weekends have filled our home with the love of two visitors: Jonny’s Mom (“Grammy”) and our friend Anne (“Aunt Annie”) … both of whom graced us with their beauty in our weekly baby bump photos.  Jonny made a banana-sized cameo as well (ha)!   Week 21 is really the first week that I have looked at the picture and thought to myself: I am getting bigger!!

Next week we visit our Warzala family in San Francisco in celebration of my mom’s (“Kiki’s) birthday!!! I’m sure Baby P is doing somersaults just thinking about it – we can’t wait!  

So much love & fun when Grammy visited last weekend!

Anyone else think it's funny where the "banana sized" caption is pointing in this picture?

Love laughing with my Annie-Bananie - THANK YOU for the snuggly Sock Monkey!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello WEEK 19 – so nice to see you!   The “duck” and I started writing this entry while on a flight to New York City, one of the many places my wonderful job has afforded me to frequent over the years. Last week, I started listing all of the cities I have visited since finding out about our baby-to-be, and the list is LONG for only a 19 week span of time (click HERE to see a map).  Jonny and I really enjoy traveling, especially ever since our study abroad program in Europe, so it’s fun to think that we’re instilling a similar trait in our little one before he/she arrives!  Traveling is even more enjoyable when there are generous people who fly on the same plane as you. I experienced this joy today when a total stranger lifted my suitcase out of the overhead bin and handed it to me before I got off the plane.  A random act of kindness that I will definitely pay forward.

The past few weeks have been smooth sailing (or flying, as the case may be). My energy levels are high, I am sleeping much better than in the first trimester, and I continue to look forward to the moments when I feel our little-one fluttering in my tummy.  There are some days when the baby is more active than others, but I am sure that as the weeks pass by I will start to feel more and more movement.  I’m most looking forward to the day when the flutters are strong enough for Jonny to be able to feel them too!

A lot of people have been asking me if I’m craving any specific foods yet. There are couple of things that I rarely ate pre-pregnancy and also a couple of things that I ate frequently, but just love even more now:  

1.       Juice Boxes. This is a confusing one. I think I might like these because it gives the allusion of a “special” drink – like wine. Jonny thinks it’s because I like drinking out of a straw.
2.       McDonalds Hamburgers - like the small ones that come in a Happy Meal. To clarify, I have only had 3 of these since finding out I was pregnant (definitely not eating them all the time). But I would have never choicefully eaten this pre-pregnancy. I’m not sure if it’s the pickles or the onions or the mustard or the delightfully cute size, but something about them tastes like YUM.  
3.       Coffee Ice Cream.  Again, not something I eat a lot … but when faced with choosing an ice cream flavor, I lean towards coffee/mocha.  While I liked this flavor pre-pregnancy, it was never my first choice.
4.       Hardboiled Eggs. For the past few years I have eaten a hardboiled egg for breakfast almost every day – I love them and I find the morning protein staggers my hunger for the rest of the day.  Today I didn’t have one for breakfast and was kinda sad about it (ha), so I bought two when I got to the airport and I ate them for lunch. 
5.       Peanut Butter.  It seems like I have PB at least one meal/day – whether it be on toast, on a sandwich, or in a smoothie.   Sometimes I want to have it with multiple meals, but have to restrain myself. I liked PB before – but now it’s like a “must have.”

Next week is one that we have been waiting-and-waiting-and-waiting for --- our halfway point of pregnancy and our 20 week ultrasound! We are looking forward to hearing updates on the baby’s developing brain, heart, kidneys, bones, etc.  And of course, it will be incredible to have some new pictures, so we are hoping he/she gives some personality + attitude to the camera. We can only imagine how much different the pictures are going to look compared to the ones from week 10. Until then, here are some pictures of the Baby P “bump” (and our puppies) from weeks 18 and 19.  


Last, but certainly not least, we owe major Thank You’s to so many of our family members and friends with kids, who have given us oodles and oodles of fantastic advice in the past few weeks. Let me tell you something: if you ever want to feel overwhelmed – just visit a baby superstore. So, we owe a big THANKS to everyone  who helped us to complete our baby registry!