Sunday, February 24, 2013


Mover … shaker … happy-mama-and-papa-maker. That’s what Baby P was at last week’s 20 week ultrasound (Feb 19th)!  

Our guy/gal (we still plan  to be surprised about the sex) was a fidgety little show-off for the camera.   Whenever we tried to get a good look at *his* face, he would start shifting around or cover his eyes with his hands. One time he stuck his tongue out at us and another time he waved. It was almost as if we woke up the baby during naptime and that was his way of saying “please mom & dad … just five more minutes!!!”   Aside from learning that our baby is a goofy little wiggle-worm, we were given TONS of information on Baby P’s picture-perfect health.  He has 4 heart chambers, 2 kidneys, 2 arms, 2 legs (which are VERY long), and big round belly.  His heart drummed proudly & strongly at 158 beats/minutes and his feet are 1.25” long … I can’t stop thinking about those feet!  

Below are some ultrasound videos:

Seeing our baby jiggle around was magical, as if every move was purposefully choreographed to showcase that our baby is feeling the same way we are: ecstatic to only be 20 weeks away from embracing one another. The experience caused one giant tear to fall from my left eye – it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

The past two weekends have filled our home with the love of two visitors: Jonny’s Mom (“Grammy”) and our friend Anne (“Aunt Annie”) … both of whom graced us with their beauty in our weekly baby bump photos.  Jonny made a banana-sized cameo as well (ha)!   Week 21 is really the first week that I have looked at the picture and thought to myself: I am getting bigger!!

Next week we visit our Warzala family in San Francisco in celebration of my mom’s (“Kiki’s) birthday!!! I’m sure Baby P is doing somersaults just thinking about it – we can’t wait!  

So much love & fun when Grammy visited last weekend!

Anyone else think it's funny where the "banana sized" caption is pointing in this picture?

Love laughing with my Annie-Bananie - THANK YOU for the snuggly Sock Monkey!

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