Friday, March 8, 2013


Bye-Bye tummy flutters … Baby P has started to jab, poke, rumble-and-roll!

This past weekend we visited my family in San Francisco to celebrate “Kiki’s” (my mom’s) birthday. We took a coastal drive south to the city of Carmel, which was just like a little corner of Europe. It’s a town complete with dog-walking, hotels with no elevators, ornate gift shops, and cobblestone patios. Carmel even smells like Europe with all the bakeries, which keep their front & back doors open to let the smells of fresh sourdough permeate the streets.   We also visited the Pebble Beach Golf Course, where the grass is an unbelievable color of green and the sunsets make you realize just how far “West” you’re standing. I had a moment on the beach where I realized that I was one of the last people in America to see that day’s sun … it was breathtaking & so peaceful.    The trip to Pebble inspired me to want to play my first-ever round of golf, which I did on my parent’s course (Stonebrae) on the last day of our trip.  I had a few strokes of beginner’s luck and even more strokes of embarrassment, but Jonny and my family are GREAT golfers and they gave me lots of tips. Playing golf is always more fun than watching from the sidelines and as it turns out, golf is excellent exercise – especially when you have to chase the ball all over the course like I did (ha)! 

Pebble Beach Golf Course 
Jonny & I (and baby) with feet in the Pebbles 
Kiki (birthday girl) and I watching the sun go down! 
Mama Dub + Jonny at Bird Rock 
After our trip to Carmel we were treated to an overnight stay at the Fairmont Hotel in Nob Hill (downtown SanFran). We had a dee-licious birthday-girl dinner at a teeny Italian restaurant called Venticello and then returned to the hotel where Korey had a surprise for us:  a trip to The Tonga Room in the hotel basement. The Tonga Room is a bar with a gigantic pool in the middle of the room and floating on the pool is a large boat that carries a 4-man band. During certain songs (“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – CCR), the ceiling would erupt with noise and rain would actually start falling into the pool. Korey drank a cocktail out of a pineapple and my mom tore up the dance floor (“Play that Funky Music”)!  It was really fun to see how much my family has come into their own in San Francisco and we absolutely loved visiting our “home” on the West Coast!  

Korey's Pineapple Delight @ Tonga Room 
View from Fairmont Hotel (see the cable car + the bay?)
Nice view, JP  (Stonebrae TPC)
Kiki taught me that when you're mentally done with a hole, you say "I'M IN!" 
Dad, you are lookin' good big-guy! :) 
Love our beautiful family! 
Proof that I played ... and that I don't know how to swing (ha)! 
One night after returning home to Indy, we were watching TV when I felt a little poke on the lower right side of my abdomen. I gave Jonny a look that said, “What the heck was that??”  He put his hand on my stomach and after about 10 more minutes we felt another jab. This time we both looked at each other with big eyes that said, “Did you feel that too??” And no imagination about it, our Baby P was provoking us with a little knee or elbow. I was over-the-moon that we experienced that moment together! I’m sure the “kicks” will start getting bigger & bigger as our pregnancy progresses!

Until next time San Francisco! 
Here are some other little updates:
·         BELLY: I can no longer see my toes when I stand in the shower and this makes me laugh. 
·         EXERCISE: I continue to love my Barre class, the elliptical, and Yoga, but they are getting much harder.  It kind of feels like I have an inner-tube around my stomach. Thankfully the weather is turning warmer and I’m sure walks outside will soon become a big part of my routine.
·         CRAVINGS:  Sweets (in moderation)!  Cookies, brownies, ice cream … you name it.  
·         CLOTHES:  I’m in full-blown maternity clothes now, which I am having fun with! Even my workout tops are fitting more snuggly, so it’s time for a shopping trip (WhooHoo)!
·         NURSERY: We have all of our nursery furniture assembled! Soon we’ll be painting the walls, filling the drawers with onesies, and making the bed. Our bedding has evolved from a chevron-pattern to more of a blue/green stripe/diamond palate.  Conley peeks in the nursery every day to see if anything has changed (and/or to try & steal one of the baby’s stuffed animals) … I wonder if he knows a baby is coming??
·          BOY/GIRL: Everyone keeps guessing that I’m having a boy. Any guesses from you readers?


  1. I'm going to guess BOY! Only because I craved sweets like there was no tomorrow with Lincoln. I would seriously eat an entire thing of ice cream if Eric would've let me. So much ice cream I ate, that we purchased an ice cream maker - ha!
    You're so cute!

  2. I love you all so much! Thank you for coming all the way out to San Francisco to celebrate "us"! Pebble Beach is amazing, and I'm sure someday your "little one" will say, "I was there!" and shopping in Carmel was so relaxing and on such a sunny beautiful day! You were a trooper, Kristie! Especially staying out with your crazy hubbie and brother at the Tonga Room (Two Old Vines!!)and in the La Playa Pub. And to think, my buddy Mike Tyson wishing us goodbye was pretty awesome, too. You have alot of potential as a golfer, Miss Swing-a-ling, and Jonny is just the best of all. Maybe that's why "little one" was poking you so hard. Trying to practice his backswing for the next trip out to California. I am with everyone else...for some reason I think it's a boy too! But you know there's always surprises in life, and we LOVE surprises!!! You and Jonny are going to be the best parents and we just can't wait to meet the "LITTLE ONE!" XOXO