Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We are ONE HUNDRED days away from our due date … see ya later, 3-digits!

Last weekend we went to Pittsburgh, PA for a family wedding in celebration of a beautiful couple, Greg + Susan.  My family is spread across the miles, literally from coast-to-coast.  So, being together again resurrected a collection of old memories and also created new ones - many of which I am still laughing about! The wedding reception was at Heinz Field, which was a little sliver of heaven for Jonny and me. Even though March Madness is a blast (especially as proud residents of Indianapolis), we are SO ready for football season to start. And after our Pittsburgh trip, Baby P has a collection of black + gold fashions for the 2013 season. Thanks for Jonny's birthday gifts, Mama Dub + Rachel!! GO STEELERS!! 

Steelers Onesies + Bib ... HERE WE GO!
We were given a tour of the Hall of Fame at Heinz Field and a security guard even escorted us into the stands for some photos. In honor of Week 25, we took a picture in front of the 25 yard-line:
25 Yard Line @ Heinz Field ... 15 weeks to go! 
I had another baby dream this week … this time about a boy!  I dreamt that the doctor wrote the results of my glucose tolerance test on the inside of one of my favorite cookbooks (so weird, I know). The note said that my glucose results were normal, but that I was having “a very large BABY BOY.” Eeeeekkkkkk!!! So, my girl:boy dream ratio is now 5:2. For whatever reason, I’m still thinking girl … 

The most fun development this week is that Baby P’s hair color is defined. We are so very curious about what color it will be. I keep wondering if maybe the baby will get Jonny’s blue eyes and my brown hair: a little smidgen of us both!

25 week chalkboard photo --- crazy to look at this one vs. the one we took week 17! 

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