Friday, March 22, 2013


Baby P’s heartbeat pounded proudly & strongly again at this week’s doctor’s appointment: 145 BPM! And we learned that week 24 is a milestone because our baby is considered “viable.” In the laymen’s terms, “viable” means that our baby could now survive outside the womb thanks to neonatal intensive care and technology.  Knowing this information gives me wonderful relief, but also makes me wish there was a happier word than “viable” to describe the joyous news. Viable sounds very sterile - like cold metal.  Someone should invent a warmer word. I’ll get right on that…

I have read that weeks 24-28 are some of the most active weeks because the baby has motor skills and plenty of room to move around.  So far, that information has proved correct … our wiggleworm is very wiggly, especially after a meal or a workout. Sometimes it’s hard for Jonny to feel, so this week we tried playing music close to my tummy to see if that would ignite a big kick, but nothing happened. Maybe that’s just the baby’s way of telling us he’s calmest when our hands are on top of him?

I had two more baby dreams this week and the baby was a girl in both. So my girl:boy dream ratio is now 5:1. It’s going to be such a big surprise when we finally find out!

We had our 2nd childbirth prep class this week and a NEW instructor, who was fantastic. She spoke to us about the rollercoaster of emotions that parents go through after labor --- that even though the pregnancy is over, the real journey is just beginning!  She also gave a very well-rounded education on medical interventions and comfort measures to use during labor.  Jonny says his favorite technique is the “wrap-around hug” – when he stands behind me and lifts up on my stomach to take weight off my pelvis and spine. I don’t think my tummy is big enough to fully enjoy the benefits of this yet, but I’ll never tire of receiving his foot & back rubs!  Finally, I made a hilarious friend in class who is 36 weeks into her pregnancy and lives near us in Broad Ripple. We exchanged numbers and have planned a date for next week!

Today is Jonny’s birthday and we are headed to Pittsburgh for my cousin Gregory’s wedding. The reception will be held at Heinz Field … home to the STEELERS (“here we go”)!  Another city to add to Baby P’s travel map:

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