Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Baby P is exactly two months away from his/her ETA!

16" and 3.3 lbs --- about to hit another growth spurt! 
I have read that the baby’s arms & legs are now proportionate to the head … and it definitely feels that way.  Baby P's "wiggleworm" personality has not changed one bit.  Sometimes it feels like he/she is rocking back and forth underneath my ribs, as if trying to get a back scratch.  And there are other times when a little foot presses up on my stomach and then stays there, just as happy as can be. I love to gently push back on that little foot and to feel the reaction of the baby moving away. It’s like we are communicating without any words and those moments are so special.  Above all, Jonny and my favorite movements are those super-strong ones that cause my shirt to jump off my belly, which is the craziest thing to see. They happen in the blink-of-an-eye, but when we catch one it bewilders both of us. We are really, actually, truly having a baby.  And it is growing bigger and stronger every single day.

I also read that the baby can now dream when he/she sleeps. And this has me wondering: what does a baby who has yet to be born actually dream about? Are the dreams about things that the baby can experience in the womb: our voices, music, or what it’s like to see light instead of darkness?  Or are the dreams just like the ones people have? And if the latter, how does the baby know about the vast possibilities of dreams having not yet experienced all of the things that this beautiful life has to offer?

Whatever he or she is dreaming of, I hope the dreams are B-I-G. And sweet. And full of potential. And I hope at least one of them is about how it will feel to be held by his/her Mom & Dad for the first time --- because that’s definitely what we’ve been dreaming about lately.

With Love,


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