Thursday, January 24, 2013


I wanted everyone to see how much Baby P has grown!  At week 6 our little boo was just the size of a lentil bean … and at week 16, we’ve reached avocado-status!  

Each week, I continue to eat the food that describes the size of our baby. Fortunately, all of the foods are healthy and easily accessible --- except for that stinkin’ Kumquat, which I never found.  I am sure this weekly tradition sounds strange to many of you. Who wants to EAT something that describes the size of a baby? But I find it allows me to take pause and really think about our baby’s growth.  I distinctly remember week 6 when I ate a bowl of lentil soup and thought to myself what a miracle it is that something so small would eventually become a person – OUR person!  I recently learned that when the baby is born it will be the size of a small pumpkin. I can guarantee that I will not be eating one of those.

We had an appointment with our doctor last week and we were able to hear our little Duck’s heartbeat – a strong & proud 142 beats/minute!  Our next appointment will be at 20 weeks (mid-February) and we’ll be given an ultrasound. This means more pictures of Baby P are soon to arrive!  

Lately it has sometimes felt as though we are in “limbo.”  We’re waiting for my tummy to look like a pregnant tummy (instead of just looking like I ate a huge lunch). We’re excited to start feeling the baby wiggle & squirm. Every pregnancy is different, so I’m trying not to pay too much attention to all the books/blogs that say when we should start experiencing those things … but from what our moms tell us, everything will feel much more “real” when those moments finally sneak-up on us! 

I recently asked Jonny if he thinks about the baby a lot and he said, Yes! I hope it is healthy. And happy. And I want to hear it laugh.”  Jonny, my love, I am so lucky to have married you.   


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