Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Three months have quickly passed since we found out about our “little one!” We are into our 17th week and lots of change is happening around Hotel Pritchard.  The biggest news is that I have started to feel some little movements in my tummy! Last Friday I was resting my head in Jonny’s lap while we were watching a movie and all of a sudden I felt this little flutter – like a butterfly.  The sensation was sort of unusual, yet completely exhilarating! For the next few days I kept waiting and wishing to feel our little guy/gal move again … and today I got my wish (3x)!  I felt a few more tummy-vibrations this morning when I was listening to Adele, this afternoon after I ate lunch, and this evening during a pre-natal massage! So what we know is that Baby P likes music, food, and massages.  Sounds like my kind of kid …

We’ve also started making some changes around the house. We are turning our guest room into the nursery, so Jonny moved all the guest furniture into our upstairs loft.  He has been my awesome “Mr. Fix It” – lifting heavy things, putting new furniture together, wiring cables, etc. So thanks to Jonny P, our guests are going to have a very comfy suite when they come to visit us!   The former guest room is now empty and ready for some nursery decorating. I’ve picked out some paint and fabric samples so we can start matching colors to nursery furniture and bedding. I think we are going with an Orange Chevron pattern with accents of gray & teal.  

The second trimester is really treating me so well and I have much more energy than I did those first few weeks.  I continue to exercise 3-4 days a week, which I think is helping me to overcome some of the emotions I’ve had about all of the changes my body is going through. I find it counterintuitive that I am exercising and eating well (with the exception of an occasional sweet-tooth attack) … yet I am growing wider.   It’s funny because I was recently at dinner with my friend Lindsay and we overheard a girl at the table next to us say “I’m tired of getting wide – I’m just ready for the cute pregnant belly!!” Sooo… it’s helpful to know that other moms-to-be often go through the same awkward-phase. I need to keep reminding that these changes are normal and Baby P needs room to grow!   

I am going to try and take weekly pictures so we can capture Baby P’s growth over the next 23 weeks … is that REALLY all the time we have left???



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