Saturday, January 12, 2013


The final days of 2012 taught us that Christmas definitely comes more than once a year. In our case, it came every day for 3 weeks! Jonny definitely spoiled me (and our duck) with presents; one of my favorite being a pair of headphones that will fit around my growing belly. After seeing Baby P's fist-pumping skills in our last ultrasound, it is only fair that we provide the bambino with some music to dance to! Of course, the best gift of all was finally sharing our news with family + friends. We were fortunate to be with Jonny’s family in Virginia and Pennsylvania over the holiday and to be the recipients of so many hugs (and a tackle, in the case of Sean). We also shared many tears, smiles, & laughs via phone & Facebook with family and friends across the miles. The holiday consumed us with so much appreciation and the realization that we have a huge “village” of loved ones who are going to make this baby one of the luckiest in the world!
Sean's reaction to the news that he'll be an Uncle! 
New Year's Eve 2012
We returned to Indianapolis and hosted a New Year’s Eve party with our friends, all of whom are celebrating big moments in their lives:  pregnancies, engagements, new jobs, birthdays, vacations, first Christmases as married couples, etc. Once midnight struck, we opened the door wide to let in the New Year – welcoming new adventures in 2013!  

This past week, I was in L.A. for work. P&G owns the People’s Choice Awards property and I was fortunate to be invited to attend with an awesome crew of co-workers. I was also invited to bring a guest, so naturally I invited the woman who taught me my “red carpet” manners --- my mom!   We channeled our inner celebrity and got all gussied up for the occasion, which was nothing less than a 5-star event that made me very proud to work for such a purpose-inspired company. 

Mom + Me at People's Choice Awards 
Walking the red carpet (literally)! 

 After a star-studded trip to L.A., I flew up to San Francisco to spend the weekend with my parents & kork-a-bunga (Korey). Though the physical distance between us is far, we are so very close. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel blessed to have a family who understands that “home is where your heart is.”   One night, my mom and I went on a maternity shopping spree and had such a blast!  The dressing rooms have these little faux bellies that you can Velcro around your back, which allows you to see what the clothes might look like with a baby bump.  I have been feeling a little anxious about my body changing and I was nervous to wear the Velcro belly, but it was actually really fun!! We were laughing so hard when I bent over to take off a pair of jeans because I couldn’t reach down to my toes – the belly was really in my way!!  The next few months are going to bring lots of changes (ones that I don’t even realize)!

I still can’t believe how quickly time is passing – I’m officially in my second trimester and it’s already time for another doctor’s appointment this week!  

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