Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We declared last Saturday “date day” - dedicated to finishing Christmas shopping, making our 9th annual trip to the Festival of Lights at the Zoo, and spending a night downtown at the Conrad Hotel.

Of all the fun we had that day, the highlight was definitely our lunch (***insert “hungry pregnant lady joke” here***).  It was a rainy day, so we went to a cafe called Petite Chou that has the most delicious tomato-artichoke soup.  But the lunch was not a highlight because of the soup - it was because of our waitress who so nicely informed me that I could have gorgonzola cheese on my salad J

As I have quickly learned over the past few weeks, there are lots of foods that are recommended to avoid while pregnant – soft cheeses being one. To note, whoever made that rule is public enemy #1 of pregnant women everywhere... but I digress.  So, when I ordered an iced tea (in lieu of my beloved sauvignon blanc) and asked for my salad to be served without gorgonzola, the waitress almost knowingly said, “our cheeses are local and pasteurized, if that is a concern for you.” I wanted to hug her - but instead chose a more tactful approach of gushing over how much I appreciated her help.  She politely smiled and went on to express words of congratulations.  It was such a kind approach: non-invasive, sweetly assuming, and so celebratory.  

I have been thinking about our waitress ever since that lunch and I find myself hoping that I can deliver a similar sense of grace when I meet other moms-to-be.  Of course, if I ever need a lesson or reminder, I know where to find my favorite waitress on the planet ... and that gorgonzola cheese. 

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