Saturday, December 15, 2012


Ladies + gents, we have a FIST-PUMPER! 

This Wednesday we had another check-in with the doctor and another ultrasound. The biggest shock was that our little "duck" looked like … a baby! Not at all like the duck-shape that we saw just two weeks ago! There is a very distinguished head, two arms, two legs, a big belly, and a developing brain! If you zoom into the picture you can even see two eyes, a button nose, and itty-bitty fingers! The heart is still beating strongly & proudly … and apparently our baby enjoys dancing to the rhythm of that heartbeat because *he* was bouncing all over the place thanks to developing muscles + reflexes!  The right arm was repeatedly waving from his head back out to his side. It was like he was (i) waving at us, (ii) patriotically saluting, or (iii) fist pumping.  Probably some funny combination of the three

We have been calling the baby *he* lately because that feels more real than saying *it.* We plan to be surprised in finding out the gender, so we’ll be anxiously waiting until July to find out whether *he* is really a boy or girl!

We are entering our 11th week and that means Baby P is the size of a fig. It also means we are only one week away from finally sharing this news with Jonny’s brother, our extended family, & our friends!!  WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BIG REVEAL! 

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