Sunday, December 9, 2012


We just got home from an action-packed few days in Cincinnati!

Our first stop was on Wednesday evening to see Jonny’s parents so we could reveal our news. Driving to their house we had butterflies – so much excited energy and anticipation of their reaction! We took the same approach as with my parents and showed them our Christmas card options. Debbie didn’t pick-up on the “baby hat” picture at first, but after dropping a few hints she realized the little hat in the picture meant that we are pregnant! The room erupted in big hugs and lots-and-LOTS of excitement!  As the night continued, the idea that a baby would soon be joining us became more and more “real” for all of us --- we are both so fortunate to have wonderful families who care so much about us and who are making this moment so special! Sharing the news with Jonny's brother Sean is next and we can NOT wait to see him in two weeks when he returns from Switzerland! 

Thursday & Friday we each had really fun holiday parties for work and on Saturday, we celebrated our beautiful friends, Andy + Bennett, at their baby shower.   I experienced all three events through a different lens this year. The baby shower demonstrated so much love for the Farrell’s as they start their new family – they both seem so at ease and so happy – and it is exciting to think about sharing our joy with others in the coming months!  We are also getting a lot of questions from close friends & coworkers about when it will be time to start a family.  Normally we field those questions with a laugh, but now we’re answering with “we hope to!” Little do they know, we are both bursting-at-the-seams wanting to tell everyone the news!  Two more weeks and we can shout it from the rooftops!

Today our “duck” is 10 weeks old and the size of a kumquat. I don't have the first clue what a kumquat is, but it's a fun word to say.  Each week I try to eat the food that describes the baby's size - a sesame seed, a lentil bean, a kidney bean, a grape. Those were easy.  I guess this week I'll have to go on a kumquat-hunt at the grocery store! Our baby is also is about one inch long and is growing fingernails. I have been trying to imagine how small the fingernails must be if the whole body is only an inch!

I go back to our doctor this Wednesday and will hopefully be able to hear the heartbeat again! BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! 

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