Sunday, June 9, 2013


From the beginning, I have told people how fortunate we feel to be having a baby – pregnancy is a beautiful gift.  Not wanting to be the person who complains about being tired, nauseous, etc., I try to stay focused on the positive. But the truth is – many things really are much less comfy right now.  One night last week, I was lying on the floor and Jonny was massaging my hips, which have lately become very sore.  I asked Jonny “why do you think this is happening?” and he said “Why do most people have morning sickness and you didn’t? I guess it’s just a tradeoff.”  True-dat, JP.

Professional photo of our Beautiful Gift 
So, in keeping with my commitment to the positive, I give you my top ten reasons why pregnancy has been a beautiful gift:

1.       Watching Jonny’s eyes open with excitement when he sees or feels the baby move
2.       Imagining what (and who) the baby will look like
3.       Absorbing the irreplaceable advice, love, and support from our “village”
4.       Creating four new and totally excited grandparents
5.       Receiving compliments from friends & strangers. It never gets old to hear “you look great!”
6.       Learning, more than ever, how well I trust my own instincts and intuition
7.       Feeling the baby grow. Tiny butterflies transform into tumbles, punches, and stretches
8.       Discovering how much love you can have for someone you haven’t even met yet
9.       Letting people rub my tummy, especially when they’ve never felt a baby belly before
10.   Anticipating how we’ll be as parents. And knowing (deep-down) that we’ll be great.

Now, I’m not a saint. And so I’ll take this time to admit that I am REALLY ready for a glass of wine. 
Hopefully only 4 more weeks of these chalkboard updates! 
We brought our boat home from Kentucky for the summer.  We decided it’s comforting to know that if we’re craving some wind in our hair, our favorite toy is right in the driveway. Parked and taunting us. Saturday was one of those 75°-and-sunny kind of days … and we just couldn’t resist.  Eight months pregnant or not, I am a boater ... and now Baby P is too! 

We recently bought a new DSLR camera and below is one of the first pictures we took: Conley basking in the sunlight of “his room” (i.e. the Baby’s nursery).  Both of our boys seem to understand that a big change is coming in the next few weeks. They follow me everywhere I go and like to nudge their noses up to my tummy.  Two very protective big brothers! 
Conley loves sleeping in the Baby's Room --- waiting for Little One's arrival! 

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  1. This is a really sweet post Kristie! I'll be thinking about you guys as you get closer and closer to meeting your little one.