Sunday, June 2, 2013


It’s week 35 and there’s only 35 days left until “Little One’s” arrival! Here are some pictures & updates from our past few weeks:

Gramma Kiki visits us in Indianapolis/Cincinnati for a family baby shower! 
Week 33 was a week of Baby Shower fun!  My “P&G family” hosted a shower at work - an overwhelming display of adorableness.  My co-workers have become like family over the past seven years and I feel indescribably lucky to have such generous & thoughtful colleagues.  We were also thrown a gorgeous baby shower by our families.  It was the first time our parents were all together since we revealed the news of our bundle-of-joy --- truly the greatest gift of all. The shower had a “cute as a button” theme and it could not have been more heartfelt. Yet another remarkable display of affection for Baby P, who is already loved by so very many! 

The "Cute As A Button" Cake from our Shower
My mom stayed in town the week after the baby shower to help us with some “nesting.”   I could go on-and-on about all the projects she helped us with, but will instead focus on two appliances that she introduced to our home: an Iron and a Sewing Machine.

34 weeks - Baby weighs as much as a cantaloupe! 
I have a love/love relationship with my dry cleaner (big shout-out to Kelly Kidd if you are reading this)!  There’s honestly never been a moment in my life when I’ve thought “I should just iron this instead of taking it to the cleaner.” Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even own an iron.  Jonny used to have a red one and I hid it in the deep, dark corner of our laundry room cabinet where it would never be seen (or used).  My mom, on the other hand, loves to iron EVERYTHING. She irons pajamas. She irons pillowcases. She irons dish towels. As I said, EVERYTHING.  So when she bought me an iron a few weeks ago, I ran like hell – far, far, away.  I pouted and kicked and screamed “why are you doing this to me?????” (a slight exaggeration perhaps, but that’s how I felt).  So when I bought some new bedding for our master, my mom suggested I iron the sheets... and the dust ruffle... and the duvet. And just to make her happy and to prove to her that I could iron without grimacing, I did it.   And you know what? I LIKED IT!  I have been thinking ever since about what I want to iron next - probably the cute hospital gowns and PJ's that my mom bought me for the hospital. Sometimes (most times), moms really do know best!  
Kiki's sewing expertise coming to life in the nursery - hemmed curtains & tailored changing pad cover
My mom gave us a sewing machine as a baby shower gift, which is very special because I have so many memories of my mom sewing as I was growing up --- especially around Halloween. She always made our costumes: a crayon, a dinosaur, a princess, little red riding hood, etc.  I remember one year she was extra-busy with work and she didn’t have time to sew me a costume. She creatively whipped up an idea in less than 10 minutes: put a black garbage bag over my head, stuffed the inside with cotton, and glued fake leaves to the outside. “Tell them you’re a bag of leaves,” she said.  “Oookkkkk,” I tentatively responded as I waddled out the door wearing my garbage bag sweat-suit.  After ringing a few doorbells, people kept asking if my costume was a tree.  This was very upsetting to me and I think it was the last year I went trick-or-treating.  What can I say? I was very spoiled by her many awesome costumes from previous years.  I am excited to take some sewing lessons so I can walk in Mama Dub’s footsteps and create similar memories for our kiddos to laugh about one day. 

Week 35 - Baby weighs as much as a Honeydew Melon! 
Week 35 marks a few Baby P milestones. For starters, Kiki got to hear Little One's heart beat proudly & strongly at our last doctor’s appointment. The baby was so happy about this that he/she kicked the doctor after he put the Doppler on my stomach.  Secondly, after 35 weeks the doctor has very few concerns about the baby requiring prenatal care. The kidneys and liver are fully developed and the lungs are just growing stronger by the day. Our baby’s biggest job right now is to get nice & plump – to gain about ½ lb. per week.  

Jonny and I are having lots of fun tickling the baby lately, which usually causes him/her to move.  I’m really craving drinks right now and am constantly thirsty. Sometimes I go to the refrigerated drink section of our Fresh Market and I just stare at it for minutes at a time … debating which flavored tea or soda I want to try.   So if you see a very pregnant lady at your local grocery store just staring into space and appearing lost or indecisive, just leave her alone.  I promise you - she’s working through a lot of things in her head at that moment and trying to make a big decision. J  

And on a final note, our baby experienced his/her first Indy 500 this year. It was a wild day with our hilarious friends that we love so much! 

Rickshaw nonsense at the Indy 500

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  1. Such a complimentary blog, Kristie! Thank you. I laughed when I saw the picture of me holding the baby changing pad with the stuffed doggie. #1 Sweaty Hair #2 a flip flop is missing from my "sewing machine pedal foot" #3 that ladder again! I also wanted to mention, not only did I "HEM" the curtains, I took them completely apart, LINED them and then hemmed them. I promise I will make the valances or toppers before Baby P arrives and will send them in the mail!
    I am so glad you like the IRON - It's the best! Not just an iron, but a "Rowenta Focus" iron! I loved it when you started using it with "full steam ahead" and said "Mom - No wonder you're sweating! This iron is making me hot!"

    I LOVED hearing Baby P's steady and fast heartbeat and that I could share that special moment at the hospital with you. Carmel St. Vincent is a country club! You are going to get the best care in an incredible medical facility. The staff seemed so nice and the rooms so cozy. What a great place to welcome your new little one. Your Doctors were so nice! I've never had a doctor walk into a patient room and look at me and say "You look so CUTE!" - You just grinned from ear to ear. I love your smile and I love seeing you so happy. You and Jonny P are going to make such amazing parents. You're the greatest couple and you care so much about each others feelings. Perfect for each other!

    It was great seeing Deb and Stan and all of our friends at the shower. It was such a happy day for all of us! So much food, fun and friendship all for the celebration of Baby P!

    The other picture I love is WEEK 34. There's Conley's head peeking in "his room" again. He is something else! I will always treasure him squeaking that alligator toy at you...just to bug you. He's a stinker, and he knows it! I had the best time bonding with Forest last week. We had some nice alone time while you guys were at the Indy 500. He has unconditional love and I can't get over how he won't go to bed until "everyone" is going to bed. He loves his peanut butter on a spoon, too. I think I've mastered that so when you go to the hospital all is well!

    You forgot to mention one other thing. YOUR NEW WASHING MACHINE! As Jonny says - "She's washing everything in sight!" Congratulations on your new 'toys' and enjoy each moment now for the next 5 weeks. Can't believe "little one" is almost here. I've got my bags packed, do you???? XOXO P.S. I'm craving a margarita pizza for some reason.....
    Mom, Mah, Mama Dub, KiKi, Kooo Kooo Catti, Cath