Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We’re only 11 days away from Little One’s ETA! 
Week 38 - only two weeks to go! 
We had a fantastic time with Jonny’s family last weekend!  Sean was in town after six months working overseas, which was so fun because we had not seen him since revealing the news over Christmas that he was going to be an Uncle.  Sean’s visit also provided the perfect opportunity to ask him if he would be Little One’s Godfather - he loves kiddos and we know he is going to do an awesome job!  We also celebrated Deb’s birthday and Father’s Day with Stan. It was beautiful to witness Stan & Deb’s obvious happiness that exuded from having both of their boys together under one roof --- “all the chicks in the nest.”  Baby P will soon experience the blessings of having such fun grandparents and uncles! 
Sean, Deb, and JP sampling Indy microbrews at Brew-Ha-Ha on Mass Ave. 
This week kicked-off my maternity leave and I didn’t realize just how much I needed this refreshing time until it actually started. I went to a friend’s pool for a few hours on Monday, which reminded me of my childhood definition of “summer.”  Movements in the water felt weightless and effortless and free.  It took so much pressure off my hips and when I left the pool, all I could think about was that I want a pool in our backyard!  Does Target sell kiddie-pools for adults?   
Poolside Relaxing! 
I have been washing all of Baby’s clothes, bedding, and blankies and have started reading a few books that have (admittedly) been collecting dust since we first learned of our pregnancy. One of these books is called Great With Child and was recommended by my friend Chandra – an educator, dedicated wife, exceptional mother to a cutie-patootie named Lincoln, and an entrepreneur (check out her simplification + organization business here)!  While lounging poolside, a certain paragraph in Great With Child stuck out to me: 
Relating to this paragraph
This book (and our beautiful friends & family), continue to reinforce that everything I am experiencing is normal.  The exhaustion. The splatter of emotions.  The nesting. It’s all part of the path that leads to a new life – a life of “pixie prints that no one else can make.”  

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